Stopping 2 Thieves trying to Steal from Me! Story Time Ep. 3

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Time Out

6 ай мурун

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Time Out
Time Out 6 ай мурун
What do you think on my standpoint on pulling a gun? Do you agree or disagree and why?
Gavin Sparks
Gavin Sparks 4 күн мурун
Agreee because we live in a dark neighborhood
Enes Zimeri
Enes Zimeri Ай мурун
Are u DankWheelie
SupremeNinja Ай мурун
I completely agree what you think about guns and stuff
RapidK Gaming
RapidK Gaming Ай мурун
100% agree
Student Ronnell Linston Jr
Student Ronnell Linston Jr Ай мурун
Yes gun
Ted24689 classified.
Ted24689 classified. Күн мурун
I respect the fact that you didn’t use excessive force (your firearm) and you kept your cool. It’s nice to know that you carry your firearm they way you are supposed to.
Whosimaki _YT
Whosimaki _YT 4 күн мурун
Instant sub
Disgruntled Marine
Disgruntled Marine 4 күн мурун
I love the fact you choose the Same EDC as myself
Gonzalez 4701
Gonzalez 4701 9 күн мурун
i understand where you coming from with a gun i know alot abt them i believe wha you believe i dont draw a firearm unless im am ready to kill i dont put my finger on the trigger unless im shootin to kill unless that i never pull a firearm
Shane Regan
Shane Regan 12 күн мурун
Is it me or does Damon from DDE annoy any one else but the route gavin is taking?
K mann.
K mann. 19 күн мурун
Im only 11 years old nd im smart enough not to hurt people with weapons and i can shoot a lot of guns i have shot a 1911 and a couple more handguns but ive mostly shot rifels
Bill Evlogs
Bill Evlogs 22 күн мурун
Let's be honest. Was anybody actually listening to the story? lol
MaddoxLyrics 24 күн мурун
Damn son you carry a big piece lol its clean tho, FNX-45 with TLR-1 and SRO, all big shit lmao
JOEY GARCIA 27 күн мурун
I believe in you ideals of the fire arm but I will say in Jesus was there they whould have been stoned to death thou shall not steal the gods laws that no one obays no more just saying
Clinical, Informatics and Operations Consulting LLC
Clinical, Informatics and Operations Consulting LLC 28 күн мурун
is that an r1
Jackdaniels Ай мурун
i think you did the right thing man godbless your soul
Jan ivan Lao
Jan ivan Lao Ай мурун
Your friend are soo damn fast imagine there is a little ramp and make him fly away 😂😂😂
d3 cool
d3 cool Ай мурун
ShiiDox Ай мурун
I'm like Doug, I literally just rip all the time but on a grom.
BUFCUBY Ай мурун
11:07 bro he rippin
Ezkratix Ай мурун
13:00 you shoot to kill becuase dead people don't talk.
animelover6600 Ай мурун
There really needs to be more people like you with your carry mentality... I agree, there are way to many "hotshots" who are carrying firearms, that are both the reason legal, RESPONIBLE Gun owners are getting really bad rep, and that gun control acts/laws are becoming more and more prominent, and more extreme by the day. I am like you and carry a firearm everyday, everywhere I go. I don't care if it's me at home simply going to my garage, or out paying my daily bills. I personally fear at the rate things feel to be going nowadays is that my firearm isn't going to be used against a criminal per say, trying to end my life, but just a hotshot dude with a bad attitude over some road-rage or just rage in general. And that scares me. I hope I am wrong, and I hope if somehow that day comes I can flee rather then fight, but I get the feeling the moment a gun is produced, Everything goes to collapse into a "You or me, one of us is not going home" Mentality.
Juicewrld Ай мурун
I agree
Connor RK800
Connor RK800 Ай мурун
Hey man what time of pistol was that!? my mouth is so watery over the optic and the motorcycle lol.
General Insanity
General Insanity Ай мурун
that one jet you saw may be one of the 'ghost jets' completely empty airliners that the company sends to keep their inbound and outbound airport slots basically airports are very busy yeah? well normally, anyway level 2 and level 3 airports have inbound and outbound slots, these slots are rationed out, and the companies can buy and sell these slots, now to keep these slots a airline company must use typically 80% of the slots, or they'll lose all of them, so when traffic is low, they just send whatever they have, even if that's an empty plane
Kelly Chaning-Pearce
Kelly Chaning-Pearce Ай мурун
That was a good idea not to shoot
Rebecca Cronin
Rebecca Cronin Ай мурун
Wear do you carry your FN, that it doesn't feel like it would destroy you if you went down?
Kelly Most
Kelly Most Ай мурун
Kelly Most
Kelly Most Ай мурун
Kelly Most
Kelly Most Ай мурун
LFG_Horror Ай мурун
Is it just me but that dudes bike looks like the drag bike from GTA5
DjPlays Ай мурун
7:45 Lolll
Thor Gaming
Thor Gaming Ай мурун
Imagine u were in ur mustang chasing them🤣😂😅
Crack_heads Brother
Crack_heads Brother Ай мурун
I like how he was going 123 mph
Evecks Ай мурун
“That E85 smells so cool”
STAR Rokkz
STAR Rokkz Ай мурун
Lol 😹
Santiago Amador
Santiago Amador Ай мурун
GOD. FUCKING. DAMMIT. DOUG. I'm trying to keep up with the story! Sweet gun too bro!
Xavier Johnson
Xavier Johnson Ай мурун
What the hell are u doing doug lol 5:10
Da4k hunter
Da4k hunter Ай мурун
What the main channel
Eliot McKay
Eliot McKay Ай мурун
This was months ago but your prediction about the looting came completely true. Also, you are a good gun owner by the sounds of it.
Lucrin Arthur
Lucrin Arthur Ай мурун
If it's for me, a taser is better than a real gun because I don't have to worry about accidentally killing someone.....
King Rappïd
King Rappïd Ай мурун
You have the gun fully perkd
Emilio A
Emilio A Ай мурун
why did he cock the gun like that? lmao
james stewart
james stewart Ай мурун
Sounds like an inside job
vTaqz Ай мурун
Yeah I also check if I have a bullet in the chamber first before i go for a fun ride. Only in the VS.....
Jayden Lawter
Jayden Lawter Ай мурун
My dads r1 was faster then that but some one stole it
Brian Hoots
Brian Hoots Ай мурун
I'm here for the 'school bus bike'
140MPH nice!
guilherme nunes
guilherme nunes Ай мурун
I like your philosophy about guns but the thing is dont you think it would be better if only the police and the army had Access to guns? Because if guns werent allowed you wouldnt need to have a gun for self defense. like In europe guns arent allowed and theres already a lot of problems with other weapons like knifes etc i can only imagine if guns were allowed. (Im Open minded Tell me what you think without insults lol)
Adrian Valdez
Adrian Valdez Ай мурун
Someone shot my friend and killed him for no reason
Fox Ай мурун
A goldfish actually has a longer attention span than a human by 1 sec, humans are 8 secs and goldfish are 9 secs
Warren K
Warren K Ай мурун
Story starts at 20:30
MKNick10 Ай мурун
"2 guys are trying to hook my truck to their trailer" epic oof moments :,D
SackChasingGalore J
SackChasingGalore J Ай мурун
Should’ve ran into the woods
MR.VIPER a Ай мурун
Ahhhhhh , the FNX 45🥵😍damn
SarcASSticMOFO Ай мурун
Personal possessions can be replaced that's why they are "things". A life is more valuable than any personal possession weather that person chooses a bad life or a good life is of no consequence.
TwistedGamerrr Ай мурун
I just like how you and Doug are racing without getting caught.
One way-_ Ahmet
One way-_ Ahmet Ай мурун
2:50 is funny
xd Mobile
xd Mobile Ай мурун
Where was the gun
Adalberto Chavez
Adalberto Chavez Ай мурун
Doug like wanna see some real speed bitch
Elizabeth Goodman
Elizabeth Goodman Ай мурун
I am a lutiniut for elk City OK and i had a kawisaki ninja run from me and we hit aleast 200 MPH
Micah Morrissey
Micah Morrissey Ай мурун
I thought this video was people actually stealing from you, but it's not. At least they didn't get away!
Robert Bruner
Robert Bruner Ай мурун
But never assume the bad guy might be carrying a gun or not.But the world we live in we do have plentys of DUMMIES and im one of them.hehehehehe
Robert Bruner
Robert Bruner Ай мурун
now 2ur question no I disagree cause ur life was not in dangerous also the 2DUMMIES THEY JUST DROVE AWAY.
Robert Bruner
Robert Bruner Ай мурун
good thing nothing serious happened besides they tried to stiller trailer.i don't have a big place like u do.BUT if I do have a big place I would definitely buy a gun.
Robert Bruner
Robert Bruner Ай мурун
hey wats up ! I live here in LA no gun 4me 2much hazel and whenever Iran into trouble like that the feeling is scary
xd Patrick
xd Patrick Ай мурун
ツ90sanimeツ Ай мурун
Can’t have story time
Dabcat Ай мурун
Only for self-defense? You have a delta sight and a flashlight on a glock-17, that isn’t for self defense.
jerome lawson
jerome lawson Ай мурун
U got my vote with this vid I subbed
Sans Ай мурун
Hey, nice blaster you got there
connor stilwell
connor stilwell Ай мурун
"SOOOO....Loads gun
Carlos Noriega
Carlos Noriega Ай мурун
Thank you!!!!!!! Emotions should never speak for yourself!!!!! Glad to hear it from someone else
Zachary Hutton
Zachary Hutton Ай мурун
Bruh he got the g-mini reflex on that pistol wi th h a flashlight vibin
Deep Fried Harfie
Deep Fried Harfie Ай мурун
What is up with Americans and saying to solve just about any sort of conflict by “just shooting them.” Y’all are just weird
Andruuzl Ай мурун
Deep Fried Harfie bro did my other message not send you probably lost after that 💀
Andruuzl Ай мурун
Deep Fried Harfie take it from me I’m the 7 foot tall dude built like the rock 😎
Deep Fried Harfie
Deep Fried Harfie Ай мурун
Andruuzl I am being very realistic, you can’t say that the thieves won’t be running away with shit in their pants, because they will.
Andruuzl Ай мурун
Deep Fried Harfie be realistic
Deep Fried Harfie
Deep Fried Harfie Ай мурун
Dabcat nothing is more terrifying than seeing someone run full speed at you with a machete doing a Babylon war cry. You don’t need no damn gun.
Flakey - DDE
Flakey - DDE Ай мурун
153 mph, no big deal
Aye Slime
Aye Slime Ай мурун
If you have the security app on your phone you can set it from there
DivineAntOP Ай мурун
lol its was a dark scary
lil_ghost223s Ай мурун
Yeezy 350 Boost Semi Frozen
Jinx Gaming
Jinx Gaming Ай мурун
hitman Ай мурун
Casually talking *puts 1 in the chamber*
its benjy MU
its benjy MU Ай мурун
My man keep a strap with a beam Get a mag for it doe?
ethen williamson
ethen williamson Ай мурун
How do you carry your handgun on your bike while your riding.
Sultan Aldhanhani
Sultan Aldhanhani Ай мурун
Is doug bike good for a beginner?
Trying to Animate
Trying to Animate Ай мурун
I would have shout the tier out
Shea Maxwell
Shea Maxwell Ай мурун
i'm new to this channel but after watching this i am in love!
Nathaniel Landis
Nathaniel Landis Ай мурун
i wold draw a gun to stop them but i whood never fogive my self if i killed some body. i own guns but for hunting
killerjose Ай мурун
I gun i a tool to kill so your right in your philosophy you should only ever pull it out if someone is a threat to your life and the peoples lives around you otherwise it should stay holstered.
Flex Dawg
Flex Dawg Ай мурун
criminals run from police wtf do you think they wouldn't run from you.
ty becks
ty becks Ай мурун
ty becks
ty becks Ай мурун
We have the same Pistol
Dont loose sight 🔫 #kamataGang big up from Kenya 🇰🇪
Liam McGee
Liam McGee Ай мурун
It’s crazy man just stumbled on your channel and I see you drive straight past my old house , gotta love it and all these years I thought there was nothing interesting in Ruston
Zain Kalp
Zain Kalp Ай мурун
If i find some one on my property i will shoot because what do they want
SavageGamer 666
SavageGamer 666 Ай мурун
Bruh love how no one said anything about he casually COCKS A GUN in front of cam and in open area Edit: I know some of u dont like what I said but still, it could be really random if he just pulls out a gun and there is a cop. ALSO WTF 81 likes!!
SavageGamer 666
SavageGamer 666 5 күн мурун
@Sprisier This is 'murica
Christo 5 күн мурун
@Sprisier LMAO
Christo 5 күн мурун
@SavageGamer 666 ... Jesus chill
Christo 5 күн мурун
@SavageGamer 666 I don’t think he would do it if there was a cop.
Sprisier 26 күн мурун
SavageGamer 666 are you a little crybaby liberal. He lives in America guns aren’t illegal and it’s normal to see a person carrying one
Grace Jensen
Grace Jensen Ай мурун
Thank you for being a responsible gun owner!
zotin color
zotin color Ай мурун
I just realized this got posted on my birthday, wow
chase donahue
chase donahue Ай мурун
Are you going to be investing in some trailer locks?
Ocean Tree
Ocean Tree Ай мурун
I only have one complaint and reason I won’t watch your videos. You clickbait the video by making it seem like it’s gonna show footage of whatever your title is but it’s just audio
Zander I Sedgwick
Zander I Sedgwick Ай мурун
Can you make a podcast
Mikael Owe
Mikael Owe Ай мурун
Hi Time Out is that a real gun you have at 0:45 in the video or is it a soft air gun or is it a air pistol ?
Xz Sub177
Xz Sub177 Ай мурун
What kind of gun is that you’re carrying?
Froztxy Ай мурун
*Time Out* you mind checking our recent? and maybe dropping a sub
Froztxy Ай мурун
*Time Out* you mind checking our recent? and maybe dropping a sub
Danny Z
Danny Z Ай мурун
Also for the gun , if the person doesn’t have a gun you’re better off shooting them in the leg rather than just emptying the clip on them and killing them. You shoot them in the leg if they still keep coming at you shoot them in the other leg and if that works ( highly doubt it won’t ) then do what u gotta do.
Danny Z
Danny Z Ай мурун
Sultan/ سسلطاننن obviously if they had guns dumbass , did u even read what I wrote ? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Sultan Aldhanhani
Sultan Aldhanhani Ай мурун
Ofc no but these guns are for emergency uses only like if these guys had a gun he would be in a real danger so he could’ve used the gun if they had
Danny Z
Danny Z Ай мурун
Sultan/ سسلطاننن better than straight killing them???
Sultan Aldhanhani
Sultan Aldhanhani Ай мурун
That person could lose his leg forever
WIGGITY WhiteFox 2 ай мурун
Emotion is fear
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