Spending 24 hours in Hurricane Laura.

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Time Out

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Hurricane Laura was potentially the largest hurricane in history and hit Lake Charles with no respect for anybody's property. This has left the city without electricity, water, food, or gas for up to potentially 2 months..
Donate to hurricane relief at one of these links:
Cajun Navy: www.cajunnavyrelief.com/
United Way SW Louisiana: unitedwayswla.org/
Second Harvest Food Bank: no-hunger.org/
Imagine Water Works: www.imaginewaterworks.org/
World Central Kitchen: wck.org/
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Time Out
Time Out Ай мурун
Louisiana needs your help! Lake Charles and surrounding areas got hit HARD by Laura and can use any bit of help they can get. You can help by donating to one of the following hurricane relief groups: Cajun Navy: www.cajunnavyrelief.com United Way SW Louisiana: unitedwayswla.org Second Harvest Food Bank: no-hunger.org Imagine Water Works: www.imaginewaterworks.org World Central Kitchen: wck.org Thank you for your support with rebuilding our community!
Chaice Bodden
Chaice Bodden Ай мурун
I second this I’m in the Louisiana National Gaurd I’ve been on a Boat mission to save people from the flooding now I’m in Lake Charles handing out supplies for those who had everything destroyed. Our living conditions aren’t the best but we’re here for the people of Louisiana.
andrew humble
andrew humble Ай мурун
I donated 50 to the united way
Kameron Bird
Kameron Bird Ай мурун
Joey W. There are entire cities flattened
Dale Johnson
Dale Johnson Ай мурун
We are out in Lake Charles for almost 2 weeks now getting power back on a lot of work still to do!
Tommy_Kappa74 Ай мурун
Far out Gavin.. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.. I’m going to spread the word and try get as much as I can to donate to you all.. please stay strong and stay safe..🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🤙🏻
Platinum Level Gaming
Platinum Level Gaming 4 күн мурун
I was 2 years old when katrina hit. I've lived in central Louisiana my entire life, I'm 17 and Laura definitely was not worse than katrina. No hurricane in all my 17 years has been worse than katrina
Carlos S
Carlos S 29 күн мурун
What is the intro soooonngg
Spenc E
Spenc E Ай мурун
The funny thing is when you said lake charles I was like holy shit because I live in Lake Charles
ExE YEET Ай мурун
Last video I watched with Gavin my computer broke so hopefully nothing goes wrong this time!!
Trey Prickett
Trey Prickett Ай мурун
God bless y’all and y’all’s family! My family loves y’all!
Toby Taylor
Toby Taylor Ай мурун
Bruhhh I got the same jacket as herrrr that black and pink one
Hungry Puma
Hungry Puma Ай мурун
Brrrrooooooo holly sh**$tttt
Marco_ Ай мурун
If im being deadass, i havent seen yoir channel for MONTHS. Seriously gavin, you are a fucking monster now.. i have been watching you since you raced that one white car that got pissed off when you beat him with your camaro. Ever since then. Congrats homie.
NightmareKing37 Ай мурун
That ups driver had same day delivery
NorrixxTV Ай мурун
imagine being picky of your snacks during a hurricane
Ashley Royer
Ashley Royer Ай мурун
I am from westlake
Michael Locklear
Michael Locklear Ай мурун
Y0 Gavin
Killer MJ
Killer MJ Ай мурун
3:05 Jess:waaaaaahhh Daniel:waaaaahhh
Armando Boensel
Armando Boensel Ай мурун
Glad you guys stayed safe 🙏🙏🙏
kieran raine
kieran raine Ай мурун
Hope the team are okay. Thoughts and prayers from England 🙏🤞
esseJesse YT
esseJesse YT Ай мурун
I rode it out in Sulphur. (10 west of Lake Charles) alot of people without power still, and water is undrinkable. This are is absolutely devastated. The isle of Capri boat was lodged under I-10 bridge, and the plants had a chlorine fire and almost exploded. Please pray for SWLA
Sara Hahn
Sara Hahn Ай мурун
I love these vids u make
jåydïñlëë ëvø
jåydïñlëë ëvø Ай мурун
The way he taped the window up😭😭😭😭😭
SuperDestroyer Ай мурун
im watching and im worried waht the heck
omgwow loldang
omgwow loldang Ай мурун
Broooooooooooo do the traditional hurricane burnouts in the road while it’s raining
Danny Schaefer
Danny Schaefer Ай мурун
16:42 Best noise in the whole video. If y’all didn’t like Mia before y’all better now.
Ryan Romano
Ryan Romano Ай мурун
Gavin says never felt 100mph winds before yet he’s rode a motorcycle at over 200
SpookyAHunter Ай мурун
My familys by lake charles i hope yall and everyone stay safe.i left san antonio just to help out my aunts out
Tvawesomeness #1
Tvawesomeness #1 Ай мурун
I have a good idea for your storm chaser matchine
zepplinfan9000 Ай мурун
Bro, I'm from like an hour north of Shreveport bossier jusr outside of texarkana and we even got hit hard!
Lionsarecool 02
Lionsarecool 02 Ай мурун
for reeds vechical you put up thats not his thats someone else wrong he has a different one
Hillbilly Delux
Hillbilly Delux Ай мурун
Crazy praying for all. I remember Katrina and hurricane rita was in that storm came down from Ohio for x old lady mom who was right off of I 10 border of Louisiana and Tex called the bluff . With 30 plus gallons of gas in trunk coming down Mississippi because gas pumps shut off south of north Mississippi. Just wow . And the price gouging on gas once a trucker came filled it up gone same day and they charged 6, bucks a gallon . Waited 5 hours for gas just shut off the car and wait
XxNoVa CyBeRXx
XxNoVa CyBeRXx Ай мурун
he’s never felt over 100 mph winds except he’s gone 180+ on his bike
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Ай мурун
At 8:01 slow it down to half speed. Sounds like they passed time like the boostedboiz do in Colorado.
Austin Brooks
Austin Brooks Ай мурун
I fuckin cried knowing everyone was okay
Trying4success Ай мурун
Some of gavins craziest most interesting videos are of hurricanes and crazy storms. I hope all of y’all are okay and I really do appreciate that y’all took the time to record this because it is so invaluable to me as a learning and experience
Superbowserlogan Ай мурун
My house got knocked down
Levi Cline
Levi Cline Ай мурун
The truck on the lift above the mustangs gave me anxiety 😂.
red neck is the best 7865
red neck is the best 7865 Ай мурун
Be safe then sorry
Austin_firebird Ай мурун
Blow up this comment so it gets pinned and they make a tornado/ hurricane chasing car
Kyle Nieb
Kyle Nieb Ай мурун
In the middle of the hurricane, on the geico app adding comprehensive to your car 😂
Frogy Us
Frogy Us Ай мурун
Didn't you have another KGpost name
offroad champ
offroad champ Ай мурун
I live in lake Charles and we got hit prettyyyyyyy damn bad
KoelyaMontG Ай мурун
UPS living up to their motto...”What can brown do for you?!”
Sepppe04 Ай мурун
its sad but i love these hurricane vids
Pulse Ай мурун
I love Andrews updates lol idk why I think it's just the abrupt cut ins make it kinda funny
sWalther10 Ай мурун
It was bad and my heart goes out to those hit by it, but 10 foot surge and a few buildings destroyed… Katrina wipped Mississippi gulf coast almost off the map… Michael cut a path like a giant tornado and leveled everything in its path… it could have been worse, thankfully they overhyped it and people prepared… we still have graves of homes and businesses that were eliminated to the slab in Gulfport, biloxi, pass Christian, bay St. Louis
Adam Coronado
Adam Coronado Ай мурун
"your just mad because your car doesn't sound like that" probably the meanest thing I've heard said on this channel and the other. Gavin is lucky he's got friends who support him and are diehard & not jealous at all.
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt Ай мурун
Glad you all were in a "safe" space.
foxyfoxy20 Ай мурун
13:59 ups always delivers even in a hurrican
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia Ай мурун
DB Vlogs
DB Vlogs Ай мурун
I was in Lake Charles for about 2 weeks doing some hurricane work with the tree company. It's crazy how that town went from in one piece one minute to everything torn up the next. But I definitely helped some fellow people out. Meet some real food folks up that way.
Jimmy Garcia
Jimmy Garcia Ай мурун
Ups has won me over 😂😂
Redneck Carbar
Redneck Carbar Ай мурун
Praying for ya🤙🏻
Jayden Meadows
Jayden Meadows Ай мурун
I live in sheport Louisiana
Eli Shurett
Eli Shurett Ай мурун
well i have a typhoon heading right for tokyo japan which is where I am at currently but it will be probably in 2-3 days so this will be fun i hope everyone is safe during these devastating times
Jordan Kassem
Jordan Kassem Ай мурун
Dawg i saw that cloud in ocean city Maryland
Bugzee’s Passion
Bugzee’s Passion Ай мурун
Im glad you guys are ok it could of been worse but thank goodness it wasnt🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 the most intense hurricane i was in was in 1992 on kauai when hurrican INIKI made land fall as a CAT4 with winds of 145mph and possible gust of 225mph hope you guys can recover much aloha from hawaii #Hawaiifan
Kareem Minnis
Kareem Minnis Ай мурун
I feel it for y’all. We went thru Dorian here in freeport, Bahamas at Cat.6 and 1 year later were still trying to rebuild. I hope the best for you all.
Brian Flanery
Brian Flanery Ай мурун
What happened to Doug I haven't seen him in a few videos on either channels
Blackout Gaming
Blackout Gaming Ай мурун
Reed timmer is a damn good meteorologist, he's one of the reasons I became a storm spotter in texas two years ago
OpTic The FlashXX
OpTic The FlashXX Ай мурун
Surprised that gas station aint ran out of Fuel.
OpTic The FlashXX
OpTic The FlashXX Ай мурун
Hears Humm What was that noise. *Do i still have power,aw mann* Lmfao that killed me
OpTic The FlashXX
OpTic The FlashXX Ай мурун
I just got braces couple days ago and i just ate a cookie for the first time... I teared up with Joy. Thinkin life is good.. But then i see this and im like... Nah.. U win
crazy dude0712
crazy dude0712 Ай мурун
No matter how much overkill you do for prepping its always safety first don't think you do it for nothing or that it looks stupid remember there's no such thing for going overboard strapping possessions down to keep what matters you most
Lane Bradshaw
Lane Bradshaw Ай мурун
Yoo I live next to gulfport
Tarron Null
Tarron Null Ай мурун
I’m an adjuster working down in Lake Charles and it’s BAD! still not able to get into some streets from all the power lines down. They say it could be an other 4-8weeks before power is back up
christopher zingsheim
christopher zingsheim Ай мурун
Second time watching this video but 2020 strikes again
Zachary Knepper
Zachary Knepper Ай мурун
I live in iowa and on 8/10/2020 we were forecasted a rain storm it turned into a derecho aka land hurricane with 100-120mph winds crops and farms were destroyed now after that happened i now have a new respect for people who lives in the south that deals with hurricanes all the time
Power House tv
Power House tv Ай мурун
Hey guys I was wondering if you could have reed trimmer and his tornado chaser vehicle on video sometime? I think it would be cool.
Ultimate RAIHAN
Ultimate RAIHAN Ай мурун
I hope you are okay
Ultimate RAIHAN
Ultimate RAIHAN Ай мурун
That’s scary
Michelle Parcell
Michelle Parcell Ай мурун
My best wishes go to you guys stay safe
Lauren 909
Lauren 909 Ай мурун
Im from SWLA (southwest Louisiana) and live in a city by Lake Charles. We have no electricity, no AC, in 90 degree heat. Luckily my family has a generator but keep in mind that some people don't and are suffering from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Also people may not have much money to get food or to evacuate to a better place. in my opinion the only people that care about the damage from hurricane Laura are the people affected by it, please please please give the SWLA area more attention so we can get more help and donations. You can donate here-> www.gofundme.com/c/act/hurricane-laura God bless you all.
The TexMexican
The TexMexican Ай мурун
Why did it sound like the white car was turboed but it isnt
Mike Webb
Mike Webb Ай мурун
Um btw that tornado truck was not my by Reed timmer it was a different guy he made the dominator
InsertPandaHere Ай мурун
Gavin: hurricane Laura is one of the worst storms, in the state. My brain going stupid: maybe it's just a turbocharged hurricane
Shane Broom
Shane Broom Ай мурун
Ups dont give af lmao im dead cause that shits sad they should be off
Xclusive Ridez
Xclusive Ridez Ай мурун
I'm in North Alabama and we have crews down there helping with everything we can. I've been in the middle of moving this week, but I'm looking to leave out Monday and head that way. If I can get a chance, I will look you guys up while I'm there, and see if you or anyone you know personally needs help. Much love and many Blessings to you all!
Andreas Riley Diaz
Andreas Riley Diaz Ай мурун
oh no so sad
Andreas Riley Diaz
Andreas Riley Diaz Ай мурун
oh no looks bad so scary
C.Toon Ай мурун
We even got high mile winds in Tennessee and it’s been raining almost every day and we only had 3 days of clear skies on the current forecast then more rain is coming
MTBAjK 610
MTBAjK 610 Ай мурун
Wasn't bad in my area of Shreveport/Bossier. But heard Ruston/Monroe got hammered (NE side of the storm can do that) and knew Lake Charles got messed up pretty bad. A few days after the storm, gas was hard to come by though. Two stations nearest the house are out as of yesterday still.
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis Ай мурун
Swade Rester
Swade Rester Ай мурун
And to think I was working on a rowboat durning this storm like 15 mins west of lake charles
blackDimondMustang v6
blackDimondMustang v6 Ай мурун
I hope you see this 6 media but im in shereveport doing what I can to get the power on here we keep moving further south traveled from Ohio
Kyler 12
Kyler 12 Ай мурун
Hey bruh I live in lake charles too ik how u feel hope u and everybody else recovers.
Venomous Intentions
Venomous Intentions Ай мурун
I was in Westlake right next to Western Heights Elementary School. The eye went right over my house. The SOUND of the wind right as the eyewall hit was terrifying; exponentially got louder and then SCREECHED like metal. The tree in my backyard got knocked over and is resting on my back door threshold, it ripped up the water, sewage, and gas lines when it came out of the ground. The two trees in the front yard lost all their limbs and one of them landed on my patio and trapped my Mustang under it. Had to get a buddy of mine to haul ass from Lake Charles with his diesel to yank limbs and trees out of the road so I could get out, had to drive the Mustang through 3 yards just to get onto the street. The house roof is torn up in 3 areas, there was more water in my house then there was outside. But atleast the Mustang is okay, sans a few small scratches.
Melanin Queen
Melanin Queen Ай мурун
Thelucky7 Ай мурун
If it wasn’t for my knee surgery I’d be there helping people remove trees voluntarily
Brent Lebouef
Brent Lebouef Ай мурун
I’ve been helping out and working in Lake Charles and my heart hurt when I saw the damage Laura did to them
candieeartowo_ Ай мурун
Most people didn't even know about this hurricane...it's probably because not as many of us watch the news anymore...
Rubiolo 101
Rubiolo 101 Ай мурун
i didn't know about it, i don't even watch tv but i somehow haven't seen it on youtube or reddit except for this channel which i started binging last night lol
candieeartowo_ Ай мурун
I could've SWORN that's why Georgia got all that rain and all them thunderstorms...they were some bad thunderstorms too.
Steve Ай мурун
I love timmer ....
Baba Tunjy
Baba Tunjy Ай мурун
My prayers are sent
Lurid Blanc
Lurid Blanc Ай мурун
Jared Hernandez
Jared Hernandez Ай мурун
Well at least it's gonna be nice and muddy for the RZR
Jared Hernandez
Jared Hernandez Ай мурун
Well at least it's gonna be nice and muddy for the RZR
Subie Man
Subie Man Ай мурун
I was in port Arthur the entire storm was supposed to hit us head on it was still really bad I'm not far from cameron la
andrew humble
andrew humble Ай мурун
Glad to hear yall are ok and if you can post more footage of the after math and im sorry for the houses that were damaged it can be fixed but lives lost cant so stay safe
NSCM Drifter Boi
NSCM Drifter Boi Ай мурун
Found a use for a sprinter. Stormchaser. Call it the storm sprinter.
Rattlecan Missy
Rattlecan Missy Ай мурун
Glad everyone ok! But this is even close to what I experience when Katrina hit Galveston Island and I watch it wipe out the entire island no houses left no gas station left NOTHING was left everything gone! So I’m glad this wasn’t that bad. But it did hit lake Charles pretty bad prayers for all those people
Realism Network
Realism Network Ай мурун
Video: do I still have power? Aww man Me: lol
Alexis Ritchel
Alexis Ritchel Ай мурун
I live in Lake Charles and evacuated to Deridder because a family friend let us hunker down and I will never forget the winds Laura produced! I remember going to sleep around 11pm and at 2:15AM I woke up due to my fan going off and the electricity cutting out afterwards I went to the living room and remember feeling the wind and hearing the rain barreling down on us. It felt like I was by a railroad track! This was my first ever hurricane and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected
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