Blowing up My Girlfriend’s Family Car!

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Time Out

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After getting my girlfriend's grandparents a new car, we had to find something fun to do with their old one.. 50 lbs of Tannerite might be what we were looking for!
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Time Out
Time Out Ай мурун
The first time we used 24 lbs.. This time we used 50 lbs! How big should we go next time? ALSO, If you haven't seen yet we put a new Corsa Exhaust on the GTR and it sounds INSANE! If you haven't seen it, click the link below!
The Adventures Of a Robot and Squid
The Adventures Of a Robot and Squid Ай мурун
1st shot gavin does he nails it shows how much he hated working on the truck XD
Wyatt Beasley
Wyatt Beasley Ай мурун
Tristen Veals
Tristen Veals Ай мурун
Do 69 pounds
Matt RD
Matt RD Ай мурун
U went 26 pounds higher next time you should just go 26 pounds higher
Brian Proffitt
Brian Proffitt Ай мурун
You fucking sent it boys 🤟🏻🇺🇸
Diego 19 күн мурун
What is the opera song in the video?
Joe Vincent
Joe Vincent Ай мурун
Jimmy said YEET
Firewood Nick 18
Firewood Nick 18 Ай мурун
200 pounds of tanerite
Panagiotis F
Panagiotis F Ай мурун
Almost left ya girl hanging lol
Ashton Robinson
Ashton Robinson Ай мурун
Put a gallon of gas by the tannerite next time it is insane
Jabukon Ай мурун
As many others are saying, please give us all the explosion glory without the 50% transparency thing overlay D: Ай мурун
It makes my heart happy seeing this. Thank you
Davin Dalecki
Davin Dalecki Ай мурун
Next on time out we fill the whole container
кzтм Ай мурун
What gun was that that blew it up?
Cornfedz33 Ай мурун
Really, there are ramps for a reason, why do you insist on doing stupid shit like that, do it the right way so you don’t look like idiots
Gavin, when are you going to pop the question to Jess? you two are a perfect couple.
Royce Fast
Royce Fast Ай мурун
why tf did they not show a regular angle of it... seriously? who tf edited this
Pocket edition gaming live My name is Nick
Pocket edition gaming live My name is Nick Ай мурун
Sort to tell the Ford F-150 owner get a gmc or dodge fords will slip pulling any weight that’s why he couldn’t pull the jimmy
Anthony Dumity
Anthony Dumity Ай мурун
What gun is Gavin using
Levi Flores
Levi Flores Ай мурун
not trying to be mean but were i live its 113 degrees
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins Ай мурун
Hell Yeah!!!!
Nyckili Reynoldson
Nyckili Reynoldson Ай мурун
You should do 75 lbs
Lillian Bell
Lillian Bell Ай мурун
Blow up a semi
YuuY Ай мурун
‘’Y’all ready to see a jimmy evaporate” poe 2020
Itz-joshh Ай мурун
Everyone else that shot:*misses* Gavin: let me show yall how its done 😂
Ormond Scott
Ormond Scott Ай мурун
Gavin can shot
Reestablished FAMETV
Reestablished FAMETV Ай мурун
3:10 fuuccckkkk 😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
BeginnerTeddy Ай мурун
Sus that he hit it on the first shot
227chevyguy Ай мурун
What’s the name of the song trying to use it in memory of my car it got hit while park lmk trying to make a slide show thank you
Nate King
Nate King Ай мурун
More apt title would have been ‘How many dudes does it take to get a Jimmy off of a trailer?’ 😂 Edit-Just playing, also Gavins shot was sick lol.
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez Ай мурун
You should have called lunkerstv
Antonio V
Antonio V Ай мурун
gaving is like give me that shit ill do it first shot kill 😂😂😂😂
Next giveaway a Nissan gtr
PrivvLion Ай мурун
Can anyone find the vid of him draining the Jimmy’s engine of oil? I can’t find it and I really wanna watch it, if anyone finds it please link it under this comment Thank you :)
Brandon M
Brandon M Ай мурун
Its shows from a shitty shooter to a good shooter
J. Sutherland
J. Sutherland Ай мурун
I'm curious as to why y'all aren't making your own tannerite??? Its considerably cheaper than buying exploding targets!!!
392devo Ай мурун
The way Gavin just walks up on the first shot he gets and hits it 🥴😂💪🏾‼️
CanadaLegacy Ай мурун
finally a sick ass explosion , the others have been cool but this one well worth the invested time.
😂😂😂😂 hits it first time other guy takes 10 shots
Alex Downard
Alex Downard Ай мурун
I know who not to call if you need someone assassinated😳
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt Ай мурун
That montage was freakin perfect! I almost cried a little.
ANYTHING 23 Ай мурун
We need another science car of the week
A5000A Ай мурун
cmon u can do better, shoot it with tbg7v or rshg1 like utuber kalashnikov group
Nc Random
Nc Random Ай мурун
How do you explain this to the fire department😂
GalaxyGachaTiger Ай мурун
Andrew Does Life
Andrew Does Life Ай мурун
Next video: Blowing up my GTR with 100 lbs of tannerite!!!!
Johnny Jayy
Johnny Jayy Ай мурун
Damn, Gavin Got A Good Shot Rip Jimmy
Mark Trosky
Mark Trosky Ай мурун
Chesky S.
Chesky S. Ай мурун
Gavin being the coolest mfr on the block
SpadeVisuals Ай мурун
Idk what retard edited this but thanks for ruining the best angles
CamaroMan2018SSDanny Ай мурун
Awesome shot....
Epiclysmoove 3O
Epiclysmoove 3O Ай мурун
Damn didn’t even get a good camera angle on it 🤦🏽‍♂️ good shot tho
Phil Victor
Phil Victor Ай мурун
All them wasted shots what a shame lol
Fred O’Farrell
Fred O’Farrell Ай мурун
Fuckin country boys got shown up by Gavin 😂
Kody Ferrell
Kody Ferrell Ай мурун
We need the reaction of them seeing it get blown up!
George Saldana
George Saldana Ай мурун
we ain’t ever been to texas if he thinks 99 degrees is hot 😞
Avery Woods
Avery Woods Ай мурун
Why did this have feels with the music
Dylan Crosslin
Dylan Crosslin Ай мурун
Wow dude nice jimmy I only tried buying it three times but never replied
Tift Bassmaster
Tift Bassmaster Ай мурун
I can hear a yota squeak
Beast in the east
Beast in the east Ай мурун
“It’S LiKe 99 DegReEs ToDaY” it was 110 everyday for 3 weeks in Cali
ORScenes #1
ORScenes #1 Ай мурун
Poe is back!!!
Alex Chadbourne
Alex Chadbourne Ай мурун
Wow! That was a very nice explosion
Roy Manes
Roy Manes Ай мурун
Yes we do. We do shit like this in California n then some
J Mch
J Mch Ай мурун
That was great...
Turlx Ай мурун
New series! Jimmy Rebuild EP. 1
Thetrueslim Ай мурун
One shoot gab
Duke Nukey
Duke Nukey Ай мурун
Please tell me..... how in the world could anyone give a thumbs down???
FYD Lone
FYD Lone Ай мурун
Fortnite Mod Menu
Vacated Meteor
Vacated Meteor Ай мурун
I do stuff like this in cali
Steven Tucker
Steven Tucker Ай мурун
Kinda random but where has harry been?
Max_the_gamer 178
Max_the_gamer 178 Ай мурун
Welcome to California
James Mckee
James Mckee Ай мурун
Monty Ай мурун
Until the very end that Jimmy was a pain in the ass
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera Ай мурун
Gavin one shot
the Gaming experience
the Gaming experience Ай мурун
Only need truck and ton tenorite
Allen Carabajal
Allen Carabajal Ай мурун
Lol @ these city boys learning what riding in a cow pasture really feels like lmao
campfreak Ай мурун
David Brilmyer
David Brilmyer Ай мурун
It'll buff out lol
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith Ай мурун
That video was a banger
Sai Vootukur
Sai Vootukur Ай мурун
Wait. Where's Ugga Douga?
cxout god
cxout god Ай мурун
Kid takes 20 shots and Gavin was like I only need one
Scotty Spence
Scotty Spence Ай мурун
Its nice to see everybody together blowing up a jimmy
Cecil French
Cecil French Ай мурун
I need a job brother driver body guard or anything
Fc Towing
Fc Towing Ай мурун
Kyle Keeling
Kyle Keeling Ай мурун
dude : *takes 7 shots* gavin: "hold my beer"
Tristin Lascelle
Tristin Lascelle Ай мурун
yall wanna hire a competitive long range shooter to come out and help yall blow shit up cause im down
Nick Butler
Nick Butler Ай мурун
if any fans from the Texas area want to donate to Gavin just so we can get more cars getting blown up please donate
Tristan Shockley
Tristan Shockley Ай мурун
“I cannot miss that many times” well ya did at not even 500 yards
Joshua Keating
Joshua Keating Ай мурун
Yo when Po got shaft grease all over himself😂😂😂😂😂😂
Baby Joker
Baby Joker Ай мурун
It'll buff out don't worry👌
Jared Picotte
Jared Picotte Ай мурун
Hope y'all are doing well down there. I hope your mom was futher north!
Jorge M
Jorge M Ай мурун
Was their a big difference in rifles they were using or ???
Bilal Alam
Bilal Alam Ай мурун
Are u and jess still dating
Killem All
Killem All Ай мурун
Wow poe just shows shows back up? No explanation or anything? Just outa the blue shows back up
Drake Olson
Drake Olson Ай мурун
Hey Gavin, I know this isn't a typical comment for a video that shows a vehicle being destroyed, but what is the upload speed of your videos with the fiber optic cable you have for internet and how much does a internet setup like that cost.
Chris Gonzales
Chris Gonzales Ай мурун
it’s not the gun it’s the shooter, my boy itsjusta6 hit that bitch 1st shot
trevyn's adventures
trevyn's adventures Ай мурун
Sorry but thumbs down for whoever edited this video. *cough cough* @zorbii. LMFAO I don't like the fading away while the car blows up. I like every vidoe too😭
Lil Water
Lil Water Ай мурун
This mane stay with a new girlfriend
carl dinger
carl dinger Ай мурун
Gavins ex is hot
Andrew Gilroy
Andrew Gilroy Ай мурун
Pretty sure the 6.5c is the only bullet fast enough at that range to set the tannerite off but I could be wrong about that
Zak Naqvi
Zak Naqvi Ай мурун
This is a combo of Gavin’s video style and Poe’s video style and I love it.
John Armstrong
John Armstrong Ай мурун
When are you gonna get married buddy
1 SLWRAM Ай мурун
“Wait for Darnell”💀😂😂
Tylerbob 18
Tylerbob 18 Ай мурун
Next video blowing up... with 100lbs of tanertte
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